Internet Librarian, Day 2


Paul Holdengräber talked about the programming he does for New York Public Library. “Don’t only give people what they want. Give them something that surprises them.”

Digital Library on a Shoestring

Walter T. Nelson of the RAND Corporation library gave his advice on starting and running a digital library. When he gives his opinion, it’s based on experience. Lots of practical stuff. The presentation is available at

Web 2.0 for Tough Times

Two librarians from San Francisco law firms. Policy about what to post on social sites: “Don’t be stupid.” Consider having separate professional and personal IDs.

Reasons for using 2.0 tools:

  • Be where your users are
  • Test bed for more robust tools

Sharing: Presentation wiki, Google Docs

Wiki for cross-training and documenting best practices.

Delicious, Facebook, PBWiki.

BubblUS: process mapping, workflow, simpler than Microsoft Project.

Reposting blog content to Facebook.

Posting Slideshares on LinkedIn (so your managers can see that you are an expert presenter in your field)

Update your accounts. Looks lame if you leave it for a long time.

Kendra Levine of ITS, UC Berkeley, talked about 2.0 for transportation libraries. Examples at MashTrans.

Expanding Enterprise Roles

Jerry O’Connor-Fix, of Waters Corp., talked about being an “embedded librarian” working closely with product teams at her company.

Archive Metamorphosis to Social Computing Butterfly

Two librarians from Intel in Portland (Gerry Lukos and Jody Hopper, I think) talked about the evolution of a database of employees’ research papers. It’s now part of the process staff use to get published (see also what Roy Tennant said about eScholarship yesterday), and it has all kinds of 2.0 goodness (RSS feeds, tagging, commenting), and the data can be sliced and diced (bibliography of recently published papers, expert finder application).

Extreme Makeover

Kara Reuter of Worthington (Oh.) Libraries talked about the makeover of her site. Lots of staff and user input paid off with an attractive and usable site.

The last three sessions were really inspiring, and I don’t mean to give them short shrift, but it’s getting late, and I’ve got another full day tomorrow.

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