Water tourism: “60 Minutes” visits California

“60 Minutes” presented its take on California last Sunday: Why California is Running Dry (text and video). Like most outsiders, they ended up simplifying things down to “farmers vs. fish” — the fish in question being the “tiny” Delta smelt.

Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that. There are many more parties to the debate:

  • Cities south of the Delta (San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego)
  • Cities north of the Delta (Sacramento mostly)
  • Farmers south of the Delta
  • Farmers north of the Delta
  • Fish (not just smelt, but also salmon and others)
  • Environmentalists who care about the fish (and the ecosystem that depends on them, up to and including whales)
  • Fishermen who make a living from the fish, but who somehow don’t get the sympathy that farmers do

Some other points that one might miss if “60 Minutes” was your only source of news:

More reactions:

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