Google Analytics #IL2011

Google Analytics

SuHui Ho, UC San Diego

Questions: Which pages are most popular? What content attracts the most interest? How do users find our pages?

Google Analytics has two reports to answer these questions.

1. Top Content Report: Helps to determine which pages to update first, top user tasks, which pages should have links from the home page. You can have a “most viewed pages” box. What might need more marketing or keywods?

2. Traffic Source Report: Are users coming to our pages as direct traffic, from referring sites, or from search engines.

Slides available at

Jeff Wisniewski, University of Pittsburgh

Google Analytics allows you to set up “Goals and Funnels.” Goals are where you want your users to go. Funnels are the steps they take to get there. You can see where most uses get lost and fix those pages.


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