Integrating content for creative products & services #IL2011

Elena Maslyukova, World Bank, D.C.

6 libraries, 50 professional staff in D.C. (3 more in Kenya and India, so they can have 24-hour service)

Skype librarian

News products

55K+ e-journals

120+ databases

Popular: FT, Economist, WSJ, Factiva, EIU Country reports

Knowledge workers: 4.4 hours/day on smartphones, 2.9 hours/day other handhelds, 1.9 hours/day e-book readers

Apps: World Bank’s own published books

Mobile access: library catalog, library web site, licensed databases

Blackberry: custom feed of news from library databases

Licensing: some publishers wanted more money for mobile access

Special web pages for supported devices to tell people which databases have mobile versions

Posted messages on internal social web sites to inform staff

Ideal solution: Database A-Z list would show different types of access. Currently testing top 20 databases.

Demand from users for mobile access

Visible and invisible intermediation: example of visible: Youtube videos about how to use mobile databases.

Ask vendors for mobile access when buying new products.

Big learning curve for library staff.

Christopher Connell, Institute for Defense Analyses (think tank for Pentagon)

Citation analysis

Use subscription databases and free A&I services

Goals: library as hub of information about publishing at your institution

  • Google Scholar Citation
  • Microsoft Academic Search
  • Scopus
  • Web of Science

Institutional publication list

Alerts from databases:
Tell staff their papers have been indexed
Tell staff their papers have been cited

Integrate with staff expertise directory

Integrate with local repository

Institutional metrics (see how you compare with similar institutions)

New publications list: RSS pulls from Scopus and puts it on web site. Link resolution allows going to full text.

U. of Hong Kong uses Scopus’ API to integrate with its Dspace repository.


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