Social Media Storytelling #IL2011

Melissa Rosales, TBWA/Chiat Day, and Andrew Carlos, The Harker School:

  • Ambience: curating to stand out
  • Purpose
  • Participation in conversation

Story is a familiar format, creates engagement, loyalty, interest.

New media technologies are useless without a compelling brand story.

Gatorade campaign with 30-somethings training for and replaying high school football games.

Companies with a compelling story: Chipotle (“food with integrity”), Tom’s of Maine, Apple

Traditional hard sell doesn’t work.

Answer the question: why do I care about your organization?

Jeremy Snell and Matthew Montgomery, Mechanics Institute, San Francisco:

Services for writers and literary orgs in SF

Decided to start a web portal.

Two guys, no money, 3 months.

Decided to use Drupal.

Did hand-sketched wireframes to show people.

Drupal 6, no custom modules

Tested site with two people he knew with differing degrees of Internet experience.

Digital natives don’t necessarily read instructions (such as confirmation e-mails). – color pallettes


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