Future Ready 365 #IL2011 #FR365

Steven Abram: “How you can bring people along with your awesomeness.” [The two organizers of SLA’s year-long Future Ready 365 project talk about how they did it.]

Cindy Romaine: Technology: how does it work and how do I get it implemented? Social and financial and other implications.

Adopt an attitude of being more flexible, adaptable, and confident.

Post a day at web site.

Logistics: people, process, tools, posts

Malcolm Gladwell (from his book): mavens, connectors, salespeople

Meryl Cole: thought they could just send an e-mail asking for posts.

Use cloud stuff to do everything: Google Docs to track everything.

Personal communication works better to encourage people to write a post.

Cindy: Very good reading because it’s honest and sincere.

Guy Kawasaki says finding knowlege locked away in databases is where research librarians still hold the key.

Juliane Schneider: “Data fusion” is what tech services needs to add to its repertoire.

Promotion: Info outlook, targeting specific units within SLA, presentations to groups (you never know who will show up)

Lessons learned:
define higher purpose (focus on purpose, not methods)
build team
set goals and ojectives (coordinated action)
get buy-in
get budget and resources
build a tribe
lather, rinse, repeat

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