Web-scale library systems #IL2011

Andrew Pace, OCLC

We sorta fixed the OPAC, sorta built an ERM, didn’t know what to do next.

Web-based cooperative library management tool.

It’s built on Worldcat: not downloading records to our local system.

Staff systems are just as pleasurable as those for the public.

Everything colorful and illustrated with book covers.

Managing electronic resources (databases) in the same system as books.

Make libraries a gravitational hub (like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia)

Worldwide libraries are doing about 5,000 transactions / second — which is small compared to some big web sites.


“App gallery” coming in November. Examples:
Pulling the NY Times bestseller list and comparing it to your holdings.
Checking your acquisition budget as you shop in Amazon.
Adding library data to book shopping app.
Making map to show patrons how to go straight to a book on the shelves.

User support center: interact with other users, watch short videos.

Robin Hartman, Hope International Univ.

Small library

Using Serials Solutions, LibGuides, etc.

About six months between signing agreement and going live.

They didn’t have a lot of staff expertise, trusted OCLC’s reputation, believed in resource sharing.

Would rather go with Web 2.0 than try to keep an old Unix system running.

Search is a little weird, because it searches all of Worldcat, unless you limit to local holdings.

Larry Haight, Simpson Univ., Redding

Visionary, independent (from local network), affordable (server died, live with WMS an hour later, don’t need to buy a new one), holistic (pieces like EZ proxy, archives, repository all work together), efficient (why don’t we share vendor records and license records, etc.), full-featured, collaborative, supported, reliable, durable.

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