Vendors: Big changes for OCLC, Proquest Dialog @OCLC, @DialogLLC #sla2013


Pushing OCLC Worldshare Platform product, where you put your whole library system in the cloud.

This year the interlibrary loan function will go to Worldshare, whether you have the whole Worldshare package or not. I saw a demo of it (and got to do some hands-on), and it looked like a nice improvement of the current ILL module (FirstSearch).

Proquest Dialog migration

I’ve been hearing about this for 2-3 years, but now it’s happening soon. Migration kit coming in the mail.


No more connect time or “Dialunit” pricing. You only pay for your results.

More ways to search: left-hand truncation, “contains”

Lots of ways to slice and dice your results (facets), done with drop-down menus and slider bars and other kinds of up-to-date web interface features.

Export options: PDF, XML, and many more.


Not all databases are coming over to the new platform. And they don’t have a list available yet. They are emphasizing four main content areas — engineering and sci-tech, news and trade. pharmaceuticals, and patents. I talked to Proquest folks and individual database vendors who were at the conference, and I think all the databases I use most often will be coming over.

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