Discovery: Beyond the Single Search Box #il2013 #internetlibrarian

We are not our patrons.

“I am not the patron.
I am an information professional.
My patrons don’t think or search the way I do.
And they never will.”
— Jeff Wisniewski

Ex Libris’ discovery tool: Primo. “Scholar Rank” relevancy ranking.

Serials Solutions’ discovery tool: Summon. Includes featured librarian. Redirects if user doesn’t enter “correct” terms. Live reference chat. Bring in news and images.

Libraries think of their collections differently when they’re searching 10 million items in the local catalog vs. 400 million in a discovery service.

Question about special (corporate) libraries: They often have proprietary, in-house reports that are not public. Vendors say they can restrict availability to certain users by IP address.

Sites (e.g. Google) want to know who you are and filter your results accordingly. There are privacy issues; also the possibility that you will miss something valuable that’s filtered out.

Question about local metadata: Primo says they can make anything a facet, a scope, etc. and/or load other authority data.

Known item searches: Harder than you might think if the query has common words. Both vendors claim their products nail it. Can do searches like “contains,” “starts with,” etc.

Can include lots of material outside the library: open source journals, digital libraries on the web, etc.

Question about searching chemical structures or patents: Depends on whether they have it indexed.


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