Info Pro Skills for the Future #il2013 #internetlibrarian

Those DAM Info Pros, Deb Hunt

Project at Exploratorium, science museum in San Francisco
At the time, there were 2.75 FTE working on the project.

Librarians know these things.

Developed metadata
– by different types of users
– by content
(based on Dublin Core)

External web (75 dpi photos)
Internal (300 / 600 dpi)

Copyright: Need to know who owns it before you put it out on the web.

Software may be up and running in 30 days, but there are many other factors. Choosing software, designing metadata, working out taxonomy (that alone could take 6 months to a year).

More challenges: physical layout of collection, territoriality, documenting intellectual property, documenting workflow.

Pleasant surprises: popularity of digital assets with staff and external users, some best assets created by non-media dept. staff.

Exploratorium Digital Library.

Shameless plug for Deb’s book: My review here

David Diamond, Picturepark, and author of “DAM Survival Guide.”

Digital Asset Management killers (and how librarians can fix them):

– Too big and too abstract, don’t know where to begin and where to end
– Don’t see big picture; everybody sees it from their own perspective. (Librarians can have neutral perspective.)
– Goals are unclear and uncertain
– Too much democracy in all the wrong places: need buy-in from everybody, which leads to compromises that water down the initiative
– Can’t-say-no attitude. Everybody wants to put in their own stuff, which may not be of permanent value (party invitations, draft specifications)
– No ownership
– No follow-up. Once it’s done stakeholders want to go away. There’s no one who can answer questions that come up. Nobody is asking users: how’s it working for you? Is it doing what you want it to do?
– No evolution. If it ain’t broke, nobody wants to try to improve it. No vision. Fear of breaking it.

How to do these things:
Go where they are. Groups on LinkedIn.

Speak their langugage, feel their pain.

Contact DAM software makers.

Learn the lingo:

Next week:

Create content: write what you know

Ruth Kneale, National Solar Observatory

53 physical books. Everything else is a digital asset.

Also a systems engineer, so she’s involved in building of new observatory on a mountain in Hawaii.

Does archives, databases, document management, reference, research, training.

Translates between scientists and engineers.

Runs servers, web site, new desktop systems, troubleshooting.

Uses her info pro skills to do all this.


Sharepoint can be used for digital assets, but a dedicated digital asset management program will give you more features.

If you’re asking what software to get, that’s the wrong question to ask first. Need to do needs assessment to find out what your organization’s needs are. That could take 6 months to a year.

If offered a chance to do something, volunteer! You have the library/information skills. You can learn Drupal or library databases as you need them.

Ruth: We have mad skills. We can do more than just the room with the books (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Toot your own horn!

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