Web trends to watch in 2014 #il2013 #internetlibrarian

David Lee King


Design for mobile first. If you can’t do it on mobile, maybe you don’t need to do it on your big web site. Lee Rainie: 56% of Americans have smart phones.

Responsive deisgn

Minimalist design

White space

No Flash: Doesn’t work on i-devices. Use HTML 5 instead. CSS 3.

Visual design

Parallax design: Can create 3-D effects, etc. with CSS. For example: Spotify’s web site.

Flat design: Simple images, contrasting colors, white space.

Blocking: e.g., Pinterest. Endless stream of content, nothing more important than anything else.

Big images: Often a big background image.

Colors: various theories from calm to neon. Try Adobe Kuler.

Web fonts: Google Fonts or Typekit

webtypography.net and practicaltypeography.com

Video (78% of Americans have watched online videos) – put it on youtube, link to it on Facebook and on your web site

Social media: It’s still big. Great way to push out your new content. Many of these site have analytics, or there are third-party sites that create analytics. Point from web sitre to social media and vice versa.

Large buttons: complementary colors. Call to action or next step: use a button.

Vertical scrolling: mobile especially. Sticky naviation bar that stays at the top even as you scroll down. Also, left side naviagtion bar that starys put (for example, social media sharing buttons).


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