Enhancing CONTENTdm with the Power of Fusion Tables #internetlibrarian #il2014

Bryson Duda, University of Lethbridge, Alberta

Library has a photo collection called Lethbridge Landmarks.

Google Fusion Tables: free app for presenting tabular data.  Part of Google Drive.

Translate locations, such as addresses, into geocodes (latitude, longitude), so your records can be plotted on a map.

1. Export data from ContentDM

2. Import into Fusion Tables (may need to edit for problems with quotation marks, e.g.)

3. Add geocodes

4. Customize: add, subtract fields, etc.

You can get a URL to put the table in an iframe on your own web site (such as ContentDM or a LibGuide or anywhere else).

Problems with clustering multiple markers in one place.

Also used by Southern Alberta Historical Newspapers Map.

Edited to add links.

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