Library mashups: what’s new?

Nicole Engard, ByWater Solutions, author

Presentation slides

Mashup mixes two or more functions in one.

Web service: a technology that allow information exchange between two applications

API: A set of functions, etc. that allow web services to work.

Get APIs from vendors, create RSS feeds for your content, sign up your library on social networking sites, use Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT.

If you’re depending on another site, remember that the service (or the site itself) may go away. Also, you may have speed issues.

Always read terms of service, which dictates how the API can be used.

Yahoo Pipes.

If this then that (IFTTT)

* Works with all kinds of web/mobile apps
* Works with WEMO, which controls home appliances
* Library example: If a new event is added to my Google Calendar, post it on Facebook.

ScribbleMaps: lots of icons to put on maps

OpenRefine: Cleans up messy data. For example, you could upload library catalog data and remove library-specific punctuation.

Google Fusion Tables: Load tabular data and change it to something else, such as a map.

Serendip-o-matic: Takes your content and compares it to sources such as Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Europeana, and Flickr Commons to find similar items.

Pasco Library (Fla.) generates a pie chart of circulation.

Stanford Univ. has a mashed up catalog, using Blacklight.

Los Gatos Public Library (Calif.) pulls e-books from Overdrive.

BookMeUp (Montana State Univ.) uses Amazon, Open Library, WorldCat, etc. to make recommendations.

Houston Public Library has timelines generated from their collection data.

Career Log: Use IFTTT to grab calendar events, LinkedIn updates, SlideShare and put it all in a Google spreadsheet.

Tweet the weather.

Use Yahoo Pipes to mash together library feeds.

Regime uses several sources to analyze members of Congress.

Wellcome Library has a map of AIDS posters worldwide.

Edited to add links.


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