Not Your Momma’s Library: neuroscience and libraries #internetlibrarian #il2014

Sonya True, Vanguard University

Using the Internet is changing our brains: filling up with stuff like Monty Python quotes.

The cortical resting state is the master key to powering up, recharging, restoring the brain.

When you’re cramming, using the Internet constantly, you don’t get that resting state. Need to rest and do something else.

Google is now our external hard drive. We don’t remember what we can look up easily.

Parts of the brain that are atrophying:

* The hippocampus forms memories.

* Mirror neurons, which generate empathy. People are taking selfies, photographing everything; we’re not present.

Douglas Coupland: “I miss my pre-Internet brain.”

Video: “Can we auto-correct humanity?” So many “i” devices, not enough “we.”

“I’m a digital native and I want it now!”

Dogs are similarly present and have similar empathy as humans.

Library functions and sensory experiences (Kornberg): smells, contemplative space, high ceilings.

The Free University Philology Library in Berlin was designed to look like a brain.

Trust factor: librarians most trusted after firefighters and nurses.

Private spaces at the library.

Westport Library has “humanoid robots” to help in makerspace.

Robots can read some emotions now.

Play is important to developing the brain.

“Neuromorphic receptive environments”: pressure-sensitive building. “Ada” (a robot?) can find you.

“Immersive neuromorphic digital environments”: artwork that reads your brain.

Younger people are fast visually, but they’re not necessarily absorbing information. You have to be fast and slow at the same time.

Older people think more linearly.

If linear teaching doesn’t work with some people, use active learning methods.

Edited to add links.

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