Repositories, Models & Images #internetlibrarian #il2014

Philip Reynolds and Dillon Wackerman, Austin State U., Texas

Institutional repository was limited to professors’ papers. Broadened to include artworks and students’ work.

Using Scholarworks.

Image allows 3-D viewing. Links to more 3-D files.

Students’ interior design senior projects. Part of assignment now is to create a virtual display of their work. Can put it in their resumes and link back to library site.

Chose to use Vimeo for videos rather than Youtube, which sometimes has inappropriate ads. Youtube allows you to omit ads if you include some code, but they couldn’t include that code on Scholarworks.

National Center for Pharmaceutical Plants is at their university. Have a large collection of plant specimens. Photographed them to put them in the collection.

Would like to capture artworks that require

Scholarworks at SFASU


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