Learning from Medical Libraries #internetlibrarian #il2014

Renee de Gannes-Marshall, Canadian Medical Association

Web site for members: www.cma.ca

Complete overhaul, new CMS, review of 30,000 pages. 46 people over more than a year. 400 members assisted.

Clinical tools are the top reason members use the site, but no way to search across resources.

Evaluated discovery services and went with Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS). Used API to build it directly into the site. More customization of search and more usage metrics, but it’s a whole lot more work.

Testing by librarians, then moderated usability testing with users. Hired a firm to do the user tests. 12 1-hour remote tests via WebEx.

Filters with library jargon like “document type” and “database” didn’t help users. Publication type is more meaningful to people. Hid some of the filters that only librarian use under “more filters.”

Final testing. Needed to do some additional tweaks after everything was moved over. Also, some adjustments for mobile access.

Video about new features and tutorial. (cma.ca/new is available to the public.)

Elisabeth Marrapodi, Trinitas Regional Medical Center (N.J.)

Games and Second Life to improve health literacy.

Nalini Mahajan, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital (Ill.)

People looking online for medical

Their library has done (or will do soon) web sites for persons with disabilities (and their potential employers), for parents of children with disabilities, and for those in rehabilitation. Links to Medline and other sources. Form to ask for more information.

Edited to add links and fix typos.

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