Persuasive technology: beyond user needs #internetlibrarian #il2014

Yoo Young Lee, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

College roommate wanted her to squeeze toothpaste from the bottom. Didn’t happen until she found a tool that made it easy.

Ask students what they want from the library, most of the answers have to do with space.

Most students found the library web site easy to use, useful, consistent, relevant, etc.

Many liken it to Google. But maybe it should be more like Wikipedia, directing you to an answer right away.

PhotoMath program takes a picture of a math problem and gives the answer. Is this what the library web site should be?

University library facilitates research, not search. Study a subject vs. find a quick answer. The library web site should be Google plus something more. Students’ wants and needs should influence improvement, but also we need to think about what we need to teach students.

We need to teach them that research takes time, they need to try multiple resources (go beyond Google), the first try may not be enough, feeling overwhelmed is normal.

Facilitator: for those with high motivation, low ability
Spark: High ability, low motivation
Signal: High ability, high motivation

Based on Fogg’s

University of Minnesota library web site has an “assignment calculator” that gives students the steps for their assignment and tips on how much time to allot to each step.


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