Dirty words: biz practices for libraries #internetlibrarian #il2015

Ben Bizzle, formerly Jonesboro, Ark.,  PL, now LibraryMarket.com

Google, Wikipedia, Amazon were considered trinity of evil.

had plain library web site in response. Redesigned pages in F pattern described by Jakob Nielsen.

Address and phone number and catalog search box in upper right.

menu bar across top.

avoid acronyms and library jargon.

Built on top of CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla.

Responsive design works on desktop, tablet, phone.

for phone: 9 most likely reasons people to want library web site when mobile.

Library as idea, as experience.

Advertising: call it community outreach, awareness if necessary.

Billboards to get people to get people talking.  Spoiler alert about Dumbledore, for example.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth promoting.  Summer guide about fun stuff for kids, but doesn’t mention reading on cover.

Posters: put out posters in community, not just taped up in library.  Bingo night, Scifi costume party for adults, genealogy night 6 to midnight.

Big increases in walkins, e-book usage, music downloads.

Speed dating didn’t work though.

Idea: drink coasters for local bar.  People use their phones in restaurant and go to library web site.

librarymarket.com/Dropbox for social media images.

Facebook ads have best value these days.  $50 ad results in 10,000 views, might result in $60 of music downloads in first week, over $3,000 in a year.  It’s about the results.

Good leaders foster a culture of creativity where people can fail with confidence.


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