Resource discovery: exposing collections on Wikipedia #internetlibrarian #il2015 @jakeorlowitz

Jake Orlowitz, Wikipedia


Listen to Wikipedia is a representation in sound of Wkipedia updates in real time.

35 million articles, 7th most popular web site, 8th largest DOI referer.

More mobile uses.

Physicians, medical students using it.

Fast, easy, free, pretty comprehensive, generally accurate.

Neutral POV, verifiable, consensus, civility, open copyright.

Errors and bias tend to get caught. About 50% of edits are by bots.

People learn literacy and rules of scholarly writing, all in an online collaboration.

Each article has quality and importance rating. Only 1 % have top quality rating. Room for improvement.

Libraries have the best sources, Wikipedia has the most eyeballs. Want to make Wikipedia a starting point.

Wikipedia Library makes subscription sources available to the most active editors.

OA signaling to let people know when sources are open access. Thinking about a bot that would add links to institutional repositories.

Wikipedian in residence to help libraries learn how to work on Wikipedia and expose their resources.

Wikipedian visiting scholar: give them access to your collection.

Wikipedia library intern.

Library of New South Wales did an extensive list of Australian diarists in WWI.

If you link to your collection in external links, it’s likely to be seen as spam. Use further reading section instead.

Tell people in your user page who you are and what you’re doing and be mindful of conflict of interest rules.

Add images to Wikimedia Commons.

Hebrew Wikipedia public reference desk is run by librarians from Israel National Library. Why not English-language version, too?

Contacts with ARL and IFLA.

Wikipedia and libraries are natural allies. Wikipedia is a starting point and wants to lead people back to the sources.

Wikipedia could have a peer-reviewed version of articles, which they could link to, but articles could always be edited. Editing is a permanent part of their model.

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