Tech tools info blitz #internetlibrarian #il2015

Gretchen Rings, Oak Park PL


provided mobile hot spots, but now provider Mobile Beacon is tied up in lawsuits.

Libraries check them out and people have Internet access almost anywhere.  NYPL checks them out for a year.

Emily Clasper, Suffolk libraries

project management tools

brainstorming: Communication and file sharing task management, free to a point, hounds you if you don’t do something. Hearts, unicorns

Trello task management, etc. dog named Taco.

Basecamp: simple project mgt. cheap and easy to learn. To do lists but not full task mgt.

Ganttic: resource management.

Smartsheet: more professional project mgt.



Michelle Zaffino, In the Stacks


Librarians’ book recommendations. Private beta,

people trust librarians more than friends or Amazon reviews.

Phil Gunderson, San Diego PL


Clunky XML file in Excel manipulated with XSLT.

open in Excel with XSLT file.

Alternate process with Saxon.

Can also generate HTML from XML.

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