Open Access Initiatives: Blockchain #InternetLibrarian @griffey

Jason Griffey on Blockchain

One use: The data source that keeps track of Bitcoin transactions.

Similar to a ledger or a database.

Many authors at the same time.  They can even write contradictory things.

No centralized location.  No point of failure.  No way to censor it.

Validation: you know the same person made two transactions, even if you don’t know his or her name.

Resistant to manipulation after the fact.

Blockchain being used for:

Smart contracts

Educational projects

“Distributed web”: faster, safer, more open (IPFS = interplanetary file structure)

Three possibilities for libraries:

1. Provenance: chain of ownership

2. Distributed bibliographic metadata, a “decentralized OCLC”. You could see records for a certain library or a certain cataloger.

3. Digital first sale: you could keep track of the owner of a digital book.  Libraries could lend them, people could sell them, etc.


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