Super Searcher Apps, Sites & Tools, Gary Price #InternetLibrarian @InfoDocket

Gary Price, LJ Infodocket

Presentation at

Uses Zoho, similar to and predating Google Docs.

Webrecorder records your web browsing (HTML, not PDF).  Can view later or download the pages you saved. search for podcasts.  Directory of podcasts; keyword-searchable for some podcasts.

Don’t forget C-Span video search. Create custom clips.

BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine.  100 million articles, many of them open access. 4,600 content sources. Can get RSS feed from any of them.

Semantic Scholar: Currently focused on telecommunications.


CORE: Open access research papers.

Microsoft Academic: Re-launched.

Inoreader: fee-based. Aggregates RSS feeds, Twitter streams, Google News alerts.  All keyword-searchable.  Many ways to share info, including sending e-mail.

Time Travel: searches Wayback Machine and similar archives.

Various data search engines.

Notablist: aggregating business e-mail campaigns.

Downie: Best tool for downloading web video. c. $19 one-time charge.

Photomath: Take a picture of an algebra problem and it solves it.

Google Translate app works with pictures (e.g., a French menu)

CamFind: describes pictures, even TV.

NewsLookup: similar to Google News, global in scope. Also worldwide.  Source list. Medical subset of Newsbrief.

WHO Mindbank: News on mental health. Data from web pages

JournalTOCs: Journal tables of contents

Another blog post about this session:

Edited to add links.


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