Environmental Scanning and Anticipatory Delivery of Information #InternetLibrarian

Deanna West and Stephanie Godley Murphy, MITRE

Slides available at: http://conferences.infotoday.com/documents/259/C205_Murphy.pdf

MITRE operates a number of think tanks that advise the federal government.

The library staff provide:

  • Environmental scans: one-off snapshots of a subject
  • Newsletters: on-going current awareness (could be daily, 3x a week, weekly)
  • Alerts: something happening right now that somebody needs to know

For the last category, you need to understand your customers’ information needs. For example, they found out that what they were sending to one customer, 90% of it he already knew. They talked with him and found out that he had a need to be informed about upcoming Congressional hearings, so they switched to doing that.

Never send just a link. Always provide some context, analysis, etc.


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