Our Evolving Relationship with Data #InternetLibrarian @DanielWRasmus

Dan Rasmus, consultant

In France, they have “wisdom management”: “How do we know if what we know is what we should know?”

How you think about the future is dangerous.

There is no data from the future.  Even “real-time data” is at least milliseconds old.

Scenario planning: outside factors.

Possible futures: there is no the future yet.

Considerations for future of the university:

  • The nature of learning
  • Global economic model
  • Relationship with data

Has “Book of all knowledge” from 1850.  Most of it is wrong now.

Things we thought we knew:

  • How DNA works (epigenetics)
  • Moons of Jupiter
  • The Big Bang, dark matter, laws of physics
  • Number of galaxies (recently found 10x more than we thought)
  • Periodic table (new elements)

A database is “rewriting history to predict the future.”

USB-C: download a movie in seconds.

Norse real-time cyberattacks

Pirate Bay.

Sensors: Internet of Things, lights, doors. Pervasive computing.

Expectations for augmented/virtual reality. We have to make sense of our own data.

Data for human bodies, traffic, city planning.

Data from all these sources can be correlated.

In public sector: water, power, transportation, libraries, schools, etc.

Kurzweil’s “Singularity.”

What question did Watson not answer on “Jeopardy”?  Watson did not have a conversation with Alex Trebek about its hobbies.

Another blog post here: http://www.libconf.com/2016/10/21/evolving-relationship-data-closing-keynote/


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