Online and Social Media Analysis: Research and Government Customers #InternetLibrarian

Alison Ounanian, Stacey Galik, MITRE

Think tank for the federal government.

Governments using social media during emergencies. Project for Dept. of Homeland Security.
* Current events
* Faster updates
* Analysis of possible future events

Used a social media tool called Crimson Hexagon.

Project was called DHS Smart Cities. Studied the area around Hampton Roads, Va. Vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding. Several military bases in the area. Retrieved relevant social media posts from several sites for Nov. 2014-Nov. 2016. 842K posts — of those, 800K in the last month (Hurricane Matthew). Can separate out “sub-memes,” map by geolocation.

One topic customer was interested in was drone usage.

Comparison with flood incidents in Austin, Tex., in May 2015. More influential posters on the Hampton Roads incidents than the Austin ones. But more emergency management posts on Austin.

Media, government, and citizens all participated in information sharing. Drone footage was useful. Twitter was used heavily. Power outages may send people out with cell phones to document conditions.

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