At the top of Google Search Results #InternetLibrarian

Trey Gardner, Koios (helps libraries promote themselves)
Corinne Hill, director, Chattanooga Public Library
John Andrews, Washoe County library

Cats vs. cardigans

Cats – “organic” search results.
Cardigans – you get ads at the top if you type in something you could possibly buy.

Organic search looks for:
* Structure
* Content – fresh, original content
* Linking – good links to you
* Engagement – how long do people spend on your site

Are you answering the searcher’s need?

Paid search:

It’s not necessarily the highest bid. Google adds in a “quality score.”

Objections to buying ads:

Do people actually click on ads? Yes, 5-15% of the time, especially on mobile.

Isn’t this going to be expensive? There are Google ad grants for non-profits. $10,000/month = 250,000 views = 10,000 clicks.

Chattanooga PL got one of the ad grants.

How do we push our services out? ILS are siloed, they don’t show up in search results. Wants to get people to use databases. Also wants to promote services, such as e-books and language learning databases and classes. Apply for a passport at the library.

Wants to have a confident logo. Doesn’t want to have web URL, Facebook, Twitter, phone numbers, locations on printed material — wants people to go to the web site for that info.

Keeps the library’s image/brand out there. Even if people don’t use the services, they remember it and support it.

Washoe County:

Promoting Brainfuse (job search program) and Mango Languages.

We try to promote all services all at once. With a Google ad, it comes up when they’re looking for the service. If they were looking for the library, they would find it.

People think about e-books — free if possible — but they don’t think the library has them. Has a program that creates online book lists and promotes it on Google. Topical online displays: “What is DACA?” “More like ‘It’ ”

Easier process to have friends of the library group handle the Google non-profit grant application, don’t have to go through city council, etc.

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