Magic Sauce for the Future: Community, Collection, Collaboration #InternetLibrarian

Jeanne Holm, Senior Tech Advisor to Mayor of Los Angeles

220 languages spoken in the city. They’re hiring (age bubble: baby boomers retiring?)
A smart city uses tech to connect its citizens.
Efficient, effective, safe, equitable, resilient, innovative.
Los Angeles open data. Call 311 to get something fixed or a question answered. Publish that data in a knowledge base.

Open data site:

Citizen ideas, twice weekly citizen hacking nights using the open data.

Dara science federation: 14 colleges and universities. Students, some of whom get jobs.

Homeless: Every night 30,000 homeless. Many more “housing insecure.”

Sustainability: environment, economy, equity. Using behavioral data to reduce air pollution.

Earthquake early warning system. Has API and can connect to fire depts., hospitals, ports, etc.

Internet access: Big wifi signals near libraries, free wifi on Skid Row. Map of broadband: better in north and west, less in South Central. Public-private partnerships. Libraries check out computers and wifi hotspots. People with internet access at home find a job seven weeks faster and make $5K more.

First day of kindergarten, kids get a library card.

Also at libraries: hackathons, makerspaces.

Cross-departmental open data projects, Internet of Things (sensors). Temperature data to provide cooling centers. Gunshot detectors. Air quality to figure out where to plant trees.

Citizen science: people can use their smartphones to participate and provide data.

Federal crowdsourcing:

Tweeting to help locate earthquakes. Kids can count butterflies.

Holm teaches kids in poor communities, some of them homeless. She has them come up with ideas to improve their communities and subtly teaches them data science. They have to map things, do demographics, project plans, budgeting. Five days of class time.

Did an anti-corruption project for the World Bank in Africa. People in Uganda can use NASA satellite data to find water. Also use data to detect banana blight. Pay at market using cellphones (safer).

Releasing data and information is about empowering people to make better decisions.


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