Services, tools, & techniques for discovery, Gary Price @Infodocket #InternetLibrarian

Slides at

Specializes in finding full-text online works on the open web. But also lots of great multimedia material, such as important lectures stream live or saved on YouTube.

Curation, organization still has a huge role.

People like to know things before other people. Once you do this once or twice, you’ve made a friend for life. Send them stuff you know they are interested in.


One Tab: Send all open browser tabs to a single web page.

Wikipedia stats, Wikipedia edits in real time

Open citations: Scholia by wikidata


U.S. government documents registry (Hathi Trust)

CRS reports now officially available. (Not everything online yet.) (saves pages you browse, does not work with PDF docs)

New beta feature of Wayback Machine: save outlinks (i.e., pages linked to from the page you specify)

Zotero-Unpaywall integration (govt. contracts): good for business research

Court Listener: court filings (sometimes free PACER docs)

Gary recommends Inoreader: RSS, Twitter feeds, Google alerts. Free and pay versions

American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Academic material: search options beyond Google Scholar. (See, for example, my Indexes page)

Edited to add links.

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