Learning from customers/ patrons/ users/ clients #InternetLibrarian

Jeromy Wilson, Niche Academy

Presentation: http://conferences.infotoday.com/documents/319/D204_Wilson.pptx

* Get new people in the library
* Get people back to the library
* Enhance everyone’s experience
* Find unmet needs

How do we find out about patrons’ needs:

* One-on-one
* Observation
* Surveys
* Focus groups

Listen, seek to understand, repeat it back

Niche Academy provides tutorials on common library subscription databases. They collect data from hundreds of library systems (anonymized).

Consumer Reports gets a big spike in Nov.-Dec. Maybe you could promote it other times.

Libraries see a jump after marketing efforts.

Other sources of data:
* Circ data: not just numbers, but also types of interest
* E-resources: stats
* Video cameras to do people watching. (Hmm, this seems a little creepy.)

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