Civic Tech #InternetLibrarian

Jim Craner, Galecia Group

Apps and maps for public libraries

County property tax database: basic civic technology

Doesn’t have to be the government. Could be nonprofit or private company.

Civic Tech Field Guide

Open data
Online service delivery
Is the public using it?

Mobile device to report potholes

Citizens expect the govt. to be at most 3-4 years behind in tech

Libraries are already Civic Tech:
Online catalogs
Community tech and training
Maker spaces
Access to public info

“Third place.” De facto community centers, and you don’t have to spend money.

Computers and labs
Internet and network connectivity

Relationships with other agencies

Hackathons (e.g., map apps)

Open data catalogs (Chattanooga library did it for their city)

Historical maps (Newberry Library’s “Chicago Ancestors”)

Contra Costa Library made geo-data easier to use

Starter data:
Your own data (e.g., circ figures)
Animals (dog/cat breeds, names, etc.)
Parks and Rec

Carnegie Library Pittsburgh asked kids what they wanted to know about their city.

Code for America made application to help Californians clear their records for marijuana convictions.

“Civic Tech Brigades” in some communities.

Get diverse community stakeholders.

Remember ethics and privacy.

Local govt.: plain English instructions for things like “How do I start a business?”

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