New tools for creating virtual libraries #InternetLibrarian

Sarah Berndt, Technip FMC (energy company)

It’s not an IT system, it’s not something you can buy.

Knowledge management helps company be compliant with regulations, ensure safety, be environmentally responsible.

Library, archives, and other offices in the U.S., Paris, U.K., Brazil.

Educates colleagues about copyright and digital rights management.

There’s an ISO knowledge management standard. Promotes collaboration.

Feasibility studies in her library. Codes and standards are the number one need.

People wanted a central location for externally produced information in their company.

People looking for marine standards. E-mails went between Norway, Scotland, Paris, Houston. Have people contact the central virtual reference center.

Found out they had 48 subscriptions to “Upstream,” an industry publication.

Portal on intranet, using tools they already had. A-Z resource list. Subscriptions, memberships.

The timing is never right. Keep pushing to do the right thing. I.T. Is a required part of the solution.

The Brain: The Story of You
Executive’s how-to guide to automation by Danner


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