Digital Asset Management #InternetLibrarian

Cary Gordon, Cherry Hill Co.

In the rest of the world, digital asset management is for brand management/media management.  For libraries, it’s data, metadata, etc.

Most ingest tools can extract some metadata (e.g., when and where a photo was taken).  Common metadata formats: Dublin Core, MODS, RDF.

Common DAMS in public libraries:
* Islandora

* ContentDM (now part of OCLC)
* Omeka

Why a DAM?

Libraries distinguish themselves with local content.

Encourages best practices.

Uses OAI-PMH, so it’s harvestable by other systems

Janae Kambestad, Burbank Public Library

Burbank in Focus, collection of historic photos.

Links to other historic resources: books in the library, web sites.

Timeline (uses timeline.js: see )

Descriptions sometimes have “mystery photo,” asking the public to provide more information.  (Mystery photos collection )

Heading for photographer if known.  Subject headings.

Back end uses Islandora.  Based on Drupal and looks similar.

Uses volunteers who are interested in local history.

Photos came from City Clerk’s Office and donations.  Had library photos in their own collection.  Also from water & power agency.

Make a good written manual of procedures.

Question re. Document PDFs: Islandora does very well with PDFs.




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