Shared customer service platform

Marina Aiello and Eve Melton, Kaiser Permanente libraries


One of the largest health organizations. 300,000 employees.

How-do-I-do-it questions. Have to keep 30-some librarians on the same page. Certain library staff are designated tech admins.

Problems for library staff:
* I keep getting the same question
* Where can I find the answer?
* I don’t have the answer (tech consult each other)
* Who do I ask for help?
* I got the wrong answer

Built a FAQ for library staff in their Springshare system

Ticket system where they can handle problems.

* Discover patterns of problems
* Identify knowledge gaps among staff
* Evaluate staff’s FTE time

Just-in-time training. Staff who run into problems can search FAQs to see if their question has already been answered.

Create more FAQs, track statistics.

Benefits for librarians:
* Expert answers
* Single location to submit requests
* Up-to-date documentation
* Searchable FAQs
* Ease of asking questions

Query Spy: See what people searched on and if they looked at a FAQ. Can go through search terms where people didn’t find a FAQ or make a request and consider how you might want to add to or update the FAQs.

Go through past questions, etc. to build out FAQs.

May identify need to develop new training, purchase new software, report to leadership.

Question about tagging: They do tag FAQs and sometime tag individual ticket requests.


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