Online Chat #InternetLibrarian

Terry Beck, Sno-Isle Libraries (Wash.)

Charles Wu, UT San Antonio

Joel Thornton and Elaine Thornton, University of Arkansas

Slides available here:

And here:

Beck found that there weren’t a lot of local-specific questions in the middle of the night, so her service starts at 8 a.m.  Also, switched services from the one most libraries in the state were using because it wasn’t working for them.

Wu did a lot of analysis on the dates and times questions came in.

The Thorntons did user testing to see what really worked for students on their chat web page.


Culture in Transit: Digitizing and Democratizing NYC’s Cultural Heritage #InternetLibrarian @AnneKZ

Anne Karle-Zenith

Slides here:

Scanning program for METRO (New York City + Westchester)

Digital Culture of New York

(Everything gets harvested by the NY State digital library, then Digital Public Library of America)

Switched from ContentDM (an OCLC product) to Islandora for database.

Blog: Culture in Transit

Toolkit coming soon.

Institutional scanning:

Had a goal to get to 10-15 institutions — small, but interesting libraries that didn’t have time/money/staff to do it themselves — in a year.  They got to 10 and scanned 1,600 items.  One person would go to the institution with portable scanning gear, spend about two weeks scanning, then another two weeks back at the office doing processing, metadata, etc.

Community Scanning:

Went to Brooklyn and Queens public libraries, scanned people’s materials and talked to them about what they were.  Returned digital copies to donors on a thumb drive.  Not just libraries: also schools, churches, cemeteries, bars.  Three to four staff who knew all phases of the project would go to a site.  Encouraged community groups (for example, Filipinos of Queens).

Santa Clara Valley archives crawl, Saturday, Oct. 22 #InternetLibrarian

If you’re in the area next Saturday, come to the Santa Clara Valley archives crawl.  Eleven libraries, museums, etc. will have open houses to show off their archives.  You can go to any or all of them.

For more info, see

(Santa Clara Valley is the area in and around San Jose, about 50 miles north of Monterey.)