Climatological data will be free starting Monday

I received the following e-mail this week from the National Climatic Data Center:

If you are receiving this email you are a current online subscriber to Edited Local Climatological Data (Edited LCD) publication, Climatological Data (CD) publication, Edited Local Climatological Data – ALL stations, ASCII files only, or the Edited Local Climatological Data, Annual Summary – ALL stations, PDF files only.

Major changes are in the process of being implemented to our online publications and subscriptions access systems. Beginning on Monday, February 13th, publications will no longer be available for subscription purchase. Each of the major publications available from our Imaging and Publications system will become available to all users at no charge. If you are a current subscriber, you may continue to access your data via the subscription access system, however, it is not necessary. You may simply visit the Images and Publications (IPS) web page for access –

Online ordering of certification for the Edited LCD publication will continue to be available for purchase through the online store and a link for this will be provided via the IPS system.

These changes are part of NCDC’s ongoing effort to provide more of our online data to all users at no charge.

This is very great news (and probably about time). When I would renew our subscription every year, I would be amused by the question asking where I had heard of Climatological Data. I can’t remember not knowing about it! Every library I have worked in has had a subscription to Climatological Data for our state. It’s the basic record of weather and climate data for as long as such data have been kept.

This is especially good news when the federal government is considering not keeping or not publishing some very basic statistics that it has long provided.

As long as I’m feeling all utopian and all, maybe I can wish that a freely accessible source of authoritative data could bring some agreement to the climate change disputes. Probably not, but I can dream.


A new climate conspiracy theory from Iran

Here in the U.S., we’re used to climate change conspiracy theories. They range from:

  1. It’s not happening
  2. If it is happening, it’s completely natural
  3. If it’s happening and it’s caused by humans, it’s too late to do anything about it
  4. If it’s happening and it’s caused by humans, technology will solve everything, and we won’t have to change our lifestyles

“Thinkers” in other countries have other ideas. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Europe is stealing his country’s rain.

Of course, this is the same government that has made other irrational statements too numerous to mention.

Climate Change Portal

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has a new Climate Change Portal page where interested users can follow the latest reports on climate change. We think it will be particularly useful for those in the water industry in California, like us. Browse reports by date (newest first) or by topic (such as adaptation, water utilities guidance, sample climate action plans). Or do a keyword search to find just what you’re looking for. Subscribe to the RSS feed in order to have links for the newest reports come to you. Another page has information on sea leel rise — latest reports, projections, etc.

Want a shorter URL to pass on to friends and colleagues? Use