Restructuring & Building Partnerships #InternetLibrarian

Edward Iglesias, Stephen F. Austin State U.

Wrote level of service agreement with I.T.  Found a sample on the web.  Try to think of everything.

Archivist had MySQL/PHP database, so they had to make sure environment supported that.

Regular meetings with the CIO.

Who does what?  For example, virus protection.  Many I.T.   People can do that and they might not do it the way you would.

Moved many systems to the cloud, so no one would have to maintain those servers.

It is possible to get through these things, even if it’s not pleasant.

Anne Rojas and Kimberly Burton, Walden U.

100% online school.

Outreach with faculty.  Remember “What’s in it for me?”

Quiet: The Power of Introverts.

Have a back and forth.  Listen as well as explain.

WIIFM: If you invite me to your class to talk about information literacy, their papers will be better.

Get it out there!  Promote yourself every chance you get.  “There is a fine line between spamming and outreach.”  Have a reason to send e-mail.

Invite faculty to webinars for students.  Get in the faculty newsletter.

Drop-in sessions.  Discussions with faculty: “How to help the library help students help themselves.”

E-mail goes out every Sunday night with announcements about events, resources, etc.  Faculty can cut and paste into their e-mails to students.

Faculty meetings: Exposure, eavesdropping on what they talk about.  Get more student referrals afterward.

“Ambushing people.” Don’t be shy.  If you have a few minutes with somebody, give them your elevator talk.




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