Reasons not to have a blog

In the library world, especially the special library world, there’s a lot of talk about keeping up with social media, including blogging. It’s one of the reasons, I started this blog.

Meanwhile in the water world, the straight-shooting blog On the Public Record has posted There is no shame in not having a blog:

Here’s how you know if you do not want to blog:

  • You think your organization should have a blog, because all the cool organizations have a blog.
  • You want someone to be representing your side of the story.
  • It will increase your “web presence.”
  • You want to “market” yourself.

Wow, those reasons sound very similar to what I’ve heard people in the library world say are good reasons to have a blog.

OtPR also says, “You will only ever reach people who like blogs. No one else drops by.”

Don’t worry. It isn’t all anti-blog. OtPR also gives reasons you might want to have a blog and tells what kind of blogs the world needs and doesn’t need.

Food for thought, anyway. I recommend you read the whole post (warning for the squeamish: four-letter words).