Storytelling: powerful for knowledge transfer #InternetLibrarian @cosmoslibrarian @DavidLeeKing

Lu Dayrit, Federal Reserve Bank, Kansas City

Stories on the intranet on  staff doing continuing education.  Stories about the services of the library.

Increased use and knowledge of services. Word of mouth.

Library’s brand is heightened.  Connects librarians with more staff in the org. Library profession is visible.

Sarah Bond, Jet Propulsion Lab

JPL Stories, speaker series in library. Often staff reflect on their work at the lab and draw lessons for younger staff. Putting 95 videos online internally.

Storytelling in Organizations (book)

It’s free, it helps people understand, it’s quick and powerful. Skills are upgradeable.

Managers don’t have time. Tried to get retired staff to do stories. The lab takes the badges, and it’s not easy to come back. Thoughts: let them opt in to directory, record stories, have knowledge workers talk to them.

David Lee King, Topeka Public Library

Connect with Images. People love Instagram and YouTube.  More engagement on social media when you have visuals.

Edit your photos.  Lighter, brighter, focus.



Interact if people comment.  Follow back.

Tell your story.

Schedule posts. Assign staff to do it.

Instagram stories sends notifications to followers.

Use analytics. Use hashtags

Consider your goals. Call to action.



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