What’s it like to work THERE? #sla2013

What’s it like to work there?

San Diego Zoo “zoobrarian” Amy Jankowski:

Zoo, safari park, Institute for Conservation Research

Library is located at the safari park. Not open to public, just staff, volunteers, and “targeted researchers.”

Library moved from zoo downtown to the safari park.

Horticultural staff, veterinarians, education staff, HR, finance, etc.

Field project staff.

Still get a few periodicals in print.

c.11,000 books, 400 journals.

Archives and rare books.

Historic images: can do reproductions.

clippings, zookeepers’ journals about animals.

Reference, library instruction, tech services, web development, newsletters, etc.

Do outreach to employee lounges about 2-4 times a month.

Web site: http://library.sandiegozoo.org/

Some animals, there’s just not a lot of research. Conservation status, for example, changes.

Monthly newsletter, bi-weekly digest of animal/zoo news.

Small staff, limited budget, small space, geographic distribution of staff.

Mary Ann Williams:

Took tech classes at U. of Michigan: Java, Ruby on Rails.

Digital archivist at Disney. The job description didn’t say archivist or librarian; it was written by engineers. Corporate model was shifting. Networked and was able to move to Disney Animation Research Library. Vault contains art work from beginning of Disney. Built digital image database.

After five years, her goals weren’t the same as the company’s. Moved on to Guthy Renker as digital assets manager.

Yet to work for someone with an MLIS. Feels it makes her stronger as a librarian, gets to define job and ask for what she needs.

In IT dept. Manages a DAM system.

Does Sharepoint development now.

“My career is meant to evolve beyond the words ‘librarian’ and ‘archivist’.”

She facilitates communication. Thinking about being an independent consultant.

Jon Haupt, wine librarian, Sonoma County Wine Library, Healdsburg:

“Do people check out lunch?”

Interest in food and arts. Was working as a music librarian. Thought he wouldn’t get the wine librarian job.

Convinced wineries and public libraries to open wine library in 1989. Wineries buy subscriptions, friends group.

Other wine libraries: Napa Valley wine library (in public library, not a dedicated librarian), UC Davis, CSU Fresno, Cal Poly Pomona, Wash. State U., Cornell

Collects on all aspects of wine: history, business, etc.

c.60 periodicals, rare books, ephemera.

Index to wine periodical literature: winefiles.org

Wine labels.

Amorphous collection policy, changing needs, advisory group, service to wine appreciation folks.

Trying to serve whole region. And with Winefiles, it’s really the only database of its kind.

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