Secret Sauce of Search #InternetLibrarian

Marydee Ojala, editor of Online Searcher

Presentation slides

Our work starts where Google ends.
Anybody can Google, but not everybody searches well.
Search does not equal Google.

Other search engines:
Country versions of Google
Duck Duck Go
Peekier (another one devoted to privacy)
Wolfram alpha
Million Short
Similar Sites
Wayback Machine (

Advanced search:
Special syntax, prefixes (site:, filetype:, inurl:) (Bing and Yandex have others)
Phrase searching
Word order, synonyms, language

Non-textual search:
Images, audio, video, datasets
Specific databases at Google, Bing, Yandex
* YouTube, vimeo
* Flickr, Morguefile
* Zanran, Datahub

Specialized search engines:

Topic specific:
* Biznar
* (market research)
* PubMed

Academic search engines:
* Google Scholar
* Microsoft Academic
* Semantic Scholar
* MetaBus

Academic document delivery:
* ResearchGate
* Sci-Hub (a pirate site)

Subscription search engines

* combating fakes and frauds
* look for additional documentation
* what is the source?
* Not every issue has two sides
* Not just fake news
* AllSides – News from left, center, and right political viewpoints

Being ethical:
* Doing the right thing
* Teaching people about copyright
* General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – protecting people’s personal info (European regulation, coming in 2018)

Going under the hood:
Knowing how search works
Search technologies
Machine learning, AI
Semantic search, contextual
Moving away from keywords
Why did I get this result?
Why are these ads following me around?

Google decides to disregard some of your search terms and puts a note telling you what’s missing.

Secret sauce:
Knowledge about search
Be willing to experiment
Think non-linearly, accept imprecesion
Constant updating of our brains
Power of the info pro

Updated to add link to slides.

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