From Stacks to Success #InternetLibrarian

Tiffany LeMaistre and Nathaniel King, Nevada State College

Commuter campus, Henderson, Nev. Diverse.

Bookless library opened Aug. 2015. C. 1.5 million e-books.

Management demanded data for their dashboard showing student outcomes.

Students using library have higher GPA, higher satisfaction (retention).

* Ownership to access
* One-shot library classes to instructional design
* From warehouse to service

“Bookless” is a misnomer. Actually a 600% increase in the number of books students had access to (but e-books rather than physical books).

Study: Estimated 55% of published literature is open access (2015).

Before they went to demand-driven collection development, they had to do a lot more title-by-title selection and cataloging.

Survey on open education resarouces: students agreed it was valuable, but hard to find and that the library should manage it. Textbook cost was one of the reasons students might decide to drop out. Worked with faculty considering changing textbooks.

Instruction wasn’t sustainable: fastest growing college in N. America. Students said they already knew what was being taught. Put library guides in Canvas (educational portal students use for other things). Grades were better for students were participated in a given module, compared to those who didn’t. Moving one-shot content online.

Challenge of not having a physical collection:
Losing the scholarly atmosphere, for example. But that wasn’t going to work for their campus.
Space as a service. In Las Vegas area, a lot of people work in service industry. Inspired by Four Seasons Hotel’s service philosophy. Research shows students who feel well served by college services are more likely to stay. Hiring people who have that service attitude.

Research showing plants make people feel better, so lots of plants in the library.

E-books are accessible on any internet-connected device, but they do lend devices, too.

Do print reserves if necessary, and has a small off-site print collection that doesn’t get used much.

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