Better Project Management in Libraries #InternetLibrarian

Francine Alt-Greene, Hennepin County Library (Minn.)

Slides available at

Need to have:

  • A plan
  • A scope (what you will and won’t do, signed off by a sponsor)
  • Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Business analyst (could also be P.M.)
  • Experts to advise

We all play a role.  If you don’t understand your role, then ask.

What are the constraints?  Time, money, people.  What might change?  What is the priority?  Deadline?

Work to be completed: break into chunks, work breakdown structure.

Communication is 90% of project management.

Don’t sit by yourself.  Talk to others.

Ask people when they will be done with their part.

Document everything!

  • Project identification
  • Charter (have everybody sign it)
  • Project plan
  • Issues
  • Change/decision log

All of the above should happen before work begins.

Think about projects that will have to be done in parallel tracks.

Set a reasonable deadline before advertising it.

Methodology: pick one and stick with it.

Efficient meetings.


Software: she uses MS Project, spreadsheets



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