Nina Simon, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History #InternetLibrarian #ofbyforall @ninaksimon

When she started, more people knew the building had been the county jail than knew that it was a museum, and it had been a museum for 20 years.

People ask questions like, how can we get new people into the museum? How can we get girls into engineering? That leads to lazy answers, like *those* people aren’t interested. Ask, instead, what are we willing to change to bring in new people?

In seven years, budget and visitors increased by a factor of ~7.

They try to be of, by, and for the community.

Recent exhibit: invited people to display portraits. : Self assessment for how well your library (and other cultural organizations) is representing your community.

State Library of Queensland, Brisbane: Aboriginal people said they share knowledge through music, rather than books, around a fire. The library made a space for music and dance with a fire pit!

You can’t just put up a sign that says “welcome” and think that you’re done. You need to welcome people as partners.

Groups like punks and bikers: they got them in by partnerships.

Dia de los Muertos event hadn’t partnered with Latinx people. She changed that. Procession from museum to the cemetery two miles away.

Bilingual staff.

When working with marginalized communities, of-by-for is NOT optional (e.g., foster youth). Start with partners you know and ask them, who else should we partner with?

Of By For All Change Network: group of orgs doing these things.

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