Developing a discovery layer using apps and open source #InternetLibrarian

Jarrod Wilson, Kalamazoo Public

Most web sites, the only place the catalog and web site intersect is the home page.

Open Search allowed XML calls to the ILS, which can be parsed into WordPress.  Some of the other third-party vendors (e.g., Hoopla) also allow API access.

Reduced main menu to Explore, Events, Services, Location.

Landing pages for books, audio books, e-music.

Pages with lots of detail about individual titles.  They show up in Google.  Other formats, even if they are on a different third-party service.

Collection development tool for staff.

Links for author pages, book clubs choices, genres for those not searching specific titles.

Web sites need to be accessible (anyone who takes federal money).

Branch landing page, staff picks.

Privacy: be aware of patron tracking by third-party vendors.

Able to get rid of third-party services, like Boopsie, Ektron CMS, Library Thing, etc.

Question about whether he’s concerned about too much stuff on the page.  Says no, people are used to looking at dense information-rich pages.

Nicole Carpenter, UC Irvine

Worked at two community colleges.  At one, you had to find the discovery service in a list of databases.  At the other, it was the default.

At university, had 20-year-old III interface.  Switched to Primo.

Over 50% of library resource use comes through Google.

“It’s good, and it’s getting better.”

Discovery systems are too hard to explain and teach, so the staff go back to teaching individual databases.

Went live and decided to deal with issues as they came up.

Another user group to work on back-end problems.

Different UC campuses handle search defaults, menu locations, and facets differently.

Primo is not as customizable as they lead you to believe.

Five UCs, 23 CSUs, and 110 community colleges in California going to Primo.



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