Big Data Still Rules! #InternetLibrarian @aainfopro

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Data scientist #1 job at GlassDoor, but librarians can work with big data, too.

Gardner Vs: volume, velocity, variety, verification, value.

* Server log files
* Social media content
* Digital images (security cameras, license plates)
* Geolocation from smartphones
* Internet of Things (sensors everywhere)
* Personal security data (e.g., Nest)
* Video (FB says it will be all video in 5 years; where will the transcripts and metadata come from?)
* Data that “used to be dropped on the floor”

What are we giving up for convenience?

Before, you would sample data; now you can just analyze all of it.

Consumer Reports is working on a consumer-protection standard for IoT products.

IoT considerations:
* Safety and reliability of devices
* Security ramifications
* Preservation of data
* Privacy issues
* Manufacturer obligation to export data?

Could people hack into your pacemaker or diabetic pump?

What about ransomware?

What could be considered evidence in court?

A.I. In legal:
* Cost estimates
* Document drafting
* E-discovery: Elevate, Logikcull
* Judicial characterization: How a judge might rule
* Contract review

Problematic data:
* Polls in 2016 predicting Clinton would win: problems with polling, same-day voting registration (polls use “registered voters”), caller ID (not a random sample)
* Brexit: turnout was incorrectly predicted

Roles for librarians:
* Visulization and report creation: Tableau OPublic,, Adobe Creative Cloud (Inkscape is a free alternative),
* Research verification
* New class of expert
* Alogrithm accountability
* Municipal government/community organization liaison
* Alerts: news on big data for your org.
* Training in big data tools

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